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Civil works is the first segment under fit out services to start initially at the site. Celsius as a turnkey contractor undertakes all aspects of civil works. This includes partition walls, painting works, ceiling and flooring works.

Wall Finishes

Wall finishes are another aspect of civil works. They are elaborate, broad and comes in plethora of choices. Partition walls need quality finishes. We can do it all including supply and installation , according to the interior design. Before final finishes, our quality workmanship ensures that surfaces are treated and prepared according to industry standards .  There are different type of preparatory finishes to be carried out. To begin with proper wall plastering, internal finishes like wet or dry finishes according to the area of application. The wall finishes (material)  we can do are brick  finish, stone finishes ,wooden / veneer paneling , laminate finish. Other finishes like cement plastered finish, tile cladding , marble powder finish , marble cladding, sand textured finishes are available too.

Ceiling Work

Ceiling works are another important part of civil works. We provide and build beautiful and perfectly finished ceilings . They are modern and bring amazing look, incorporating grid patterns , lighting fixtures, and diffuse placement and other services. Furthermore, they  are all perfectly synchronized & placed  as per the ceiling design. The material used for ceilings works can vary from gypsum, wooden, hylux, calcium silicate, E-board, mineral fiber board or by simple plastering .

Civil Interiors

An open space in its shell and core format or an already build space will need a lot of space re-arrangement . This arrangements will be according to the design derived. Hence as first step towards such build, we carry out demolition  works . Furthermore, block works & construction of partition wall and boundary wall are carried out along with other civil works. Finish works such as painting works comes at finishing stage.

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