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The kitchen is not just a place for cooking it is the centrepiece of our living space. Now redefine your kitchen design with C7 kitchen. We are the best modular kitchen service provider in Coimbatore creating aesthetically appealing, storage-friendly, and clutter-free modular kitchen. Our experience knowledge tagged with our innovative ideas helps us to build the luxury modular kitchens that meet your modern lifestyle. Our expert pays close attention to all the specific details from space to storage to provide a Best Customized Kitchen and particle workspace.
If you are looking for an Imported modular kitchen and open modular kitchen which can be combined with other areas of the house or you are looking for a more spacious and practical design for your kitchen, our best modular kitchen designers are there for you. Check out our gallery of modular kitchen models to find inspiration for kitchen cabinets and kitchen designs to help build the right one for you.

Luxury Imported kitchen

C7 Kitchen, we provide modular  Kitchen Designs to make the kitchen beautiful and organized and to give you enough space. Much research and detail are required to build a kitchen which is all about functionality, exquisite design and delicious food, of course. We as a leading interior designer we provide best Modular kitchen in Coimbatore. We believe in excellence, quality & transparency. The modular kitchens are designed in smart designs with a variety of finished carpentry, walls and cabinets that are limited. From layout, colours, material collection to lighting, assembly and custom furniture, we pay close attention. We focus on designing spaces that represent your personal style and functionality needs, paired with our unique and timeless design concepts.

Every home has a kitchen. It’s required. No other room other then the kitchen serves such a distinct purpose. Having a functional and modern kitchen is truly a blessing. It helps turn meal preparation into a pleasurable activity amidst the busy hustle and bustle of life.
At Cloud7 we offer various of ranges in modular kitchen. Custom kitchens, Traditional Kitchens, Handmade Kitchens, Solid Wood Kitchens etc.

Custom Kitchen

We offer a wide range of specialty woods and unlimited finishing option.

Handmade Kitchen

A bespoke solid wood British kitchen will ensure an individuality and durability that’s well worth the investment.

Solid Wood Kitchen

A bespoke solid wood British kitchen will ensure an individuality and durability that’s well worth the investment.

Traditional Kitchen

We focus on character means using more natural materials like wood and very few man made ones.

Sample Designs

As the new heart of the home, kitchen demands new thinking.Cloud7 Design Studio provides the finest details with a choice to design ideas and create signature kitchen matching your own individual personality.